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Furniture Removal and Disposal Services

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Estates, Garages, Attics, Hoarding, Offices, and more.

GO4 Junk Removal provides same day and next day hassle free furniture removal services to hundreds of customers every year.

Furniture tends to be large, bulky, and heavy, making it difficult and sometimes even dangerous to move alone. Inexperienced movers can easily injure themselves or cause damage to interiors while relocating it, too, which just creates new problems. 

Disposing of a piece of furniture requires you to carry it outside, lift it into a truck, and then deliver it to a landfill. If you’re one of our conscientious customers wanting to avoid needlessly contributing to a landfill, you might even look for somewhere to donate it. That’s a lot of work. Sometimes the furniture will need to be disassembled or broken apart before it can be removed, too. That dramatically increases the time and effort to remove it.

Furniture removal is hard work, but if you use a furniture removal company like GO4 Junk, we make it easy.

Furniture We Remove:

  • Couch Removal
  • Dresser Removal
  • Mattress Removal
  • Recliner Removal
  • Sofa Removal
  • Hutch Removal
  • Bureau Removal
  • Bookshelf Removal
  • Bed Frame Removal
  • Box Spring Removal
  • Piano Removal
  • Pool Table Removal
  • File Cabinet Removal
  • Cubicle Removal
  • Patio Set Removal
  • Table Removal
  • Chair Removal
  • Love Seat Removal
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Commonly Asked Questions About Our Property Cleanout Services

What types of furniture do you pick up?

GO4 Junk Removal provides pickup services for almost every piece of furniture you can imagine, from couches, beds & mattresses, and dressers to coffee tables, nightstands, and shelves. 

How do I schedule a furniture pickup?

Easy! You can text us photos at (866) 464-5865 for a quick quote back, use our online quote form, or just give us a call. 

Is there a fee for your furniture pickup service?

Yes, our furniture removal service isn’t free, so there is a nominal fee which depends on the volume of furniture you need removed. Our rates are ultra competitive across the region, however, and our customers choose us for our professionalism, speed of service, and reliability.

Can you pick up furniture from any location?

We provide same day and next day furniture removal anywhere in our current service area. Since we’re in the process of expanding, that could change by the time you read this, so please refer to our locations page for up to date service area info. 

What happens to the furniture once it’s picked up?

Unfortunately, most furniture we remove is not in good enough condition to be given away and ends up in a landfill where it’s crushed and allowed to break down. Furniture in good condition may be donated or recycled.

How to disassemble furniture for removal?

This depends heavily on the piece of furniture you want to disassemble, but you don’t have to disassemble furniture for removal when you hire us. When we arrive, we’ll disassemble or break it down quickly to get it outside and loaded without you lifting a finger.

What items do furniture removers not transport?

We aren’t able to dispose of highly dangerous or hazardous materials or live animals due to safety regulations and restrictions. If anything you need removed is hazardous, please be sure to tell us when you request a quote. 

How to prepare furniture for removal day?

No need to prepare for anything! Just make sure we have access to the furniture to be removed and we’ll do the rest. 

Can you remove large furniture items like couches and refrigerators?

Yes, furniture removal companies remove couches and refrigerators all the time. 

Are there any additional fees for furniture removal, such as stairs or long carry distances?

Yes, there are usually additional fees for particularly difficult or time consuming scenarios. Our minimum charges account for a specific volume of items we can remove for you, but we also have to take into account whether stairs, long distances, or other factors will dramatically increase the time it takes to complete the removal. That being said, all fees are kept ultra competitive and our goal is always to complete your service as quickly as we can.

What is your availability for furniture removal?

We’re available right now! Call or text (866) 464-5865 to get a quick quote back or use our online quote form.

Do you have insurance for furniture removal in case of damage?

Yes, GO4 Junk Removal is a fully licensed and insured junk removal company.

Can you provide me with references or reviews from past customers?

Yes, absolutely! We have many reviews from our happy customers presented across the site. 

What is your cancellation policy for furniture removal services?

You can cancel at any time! We appreciate the consideration of canceling as early as possible.

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