Junk Removal in Willowbrook, Staten Island, NY

Willowbrook is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and has a vast majority Black & Latino. It is bordered by Clifton to the north and Tottenville to the south.  

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) opened a new development in Willowbrook, NYCHA property is located just west of the neighborhood. The project includes both townhouses and apartments at varying income levels.

Willowbrook is a diverse community with a large Hispanic population. It has a sizable African American community as well as many people from Central America and South American. In addition Willowbrook also has a growing Asian population.

The neighborhood has a large senior citizen population as many of the families that settled in Willowbrook have grown up their and moved away or passed on. In addition, there is a growing number of single family homes as well as some smaller apartment buildings throughout the property.


Willowbrook was originally composed of several farms and later became a resort.  It was originally called Richmond Hill due to the location on the north shore which is slightly higher in elevation or hilly compared to other parts of Staten Island. It’s named was changed to Willowbrook after it’s affluent hotel, The Willows Inn.

During the early 1900s, Willowbrook was the home to a large hotel as well as many other summer resorts.  The Willows Inn Hotel had a beautiful view of Staten Island and Manhattan from it’s location at the far end of what is now called Clifton Avenue.

In addition, Willowbrook had several farms which produced many types of food for the residents of Staten Island.  The farms also attracted many visitors from all over Staten Island to come down and purchase the fresh produce. There was so much traffic going through Willowbrook that a police station had to be installed just off of Amboy Road on what is now called Victory Boulevard.

Notable Places

Willowbrook is home to New York Tree Trust Willowbrook Park and Willowbrook Park Playground. Willow brook Park was one of four parks awarded New York City’s “Cleanest Playground” Award.

Willowbrook is also home to PS 42Q, PS 52Q, PS 36Q, PS 16X.

By car Willowbrook is accessible by the West Shore Expressway and the Staten Island Expressway. By public transportation the neighborhood is served by the Staten Island Railway, and buses.

Many banks, restaurants, a supermarket and other shops are located in the neighborhood.

There are several churches, mostly Baptist and Pentecostal, throughout Willowbrook.

Notable Residents

Willowbrook has been home to Al Sharpton, a civil rights activist and Baptist minister.

It is also the birthplace of NBA player Stephon Marbury and retired NY Giants Wide Receiver Victor Cruz.


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