Junk Removal in West New Brighton, Staten Island, NY

West New Brighton is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and is named for its view of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  This neighborhood is located on the island’s North Shore, and can be found adjacent to New Brighton, Westerleigh, Castleton Corners, Richmondtown, Emerson Hill, Rosebank and Tompkinsville.

West New Brighton is famous for its streets of Victorian-style houses, many of which are built on the former estates of wealthy Staten Islanders in the late 19th century.  A number of these mansions still stand in West New Brighton, with famous names like Vanderbilt and Pulitzer living among them.

West New Brighton’s collection of homes is one of the most concentrated in all of New York City.  Because of its close proximity to New Brighton, many who live here consider themselves to be part of the larger community instead of West New Brighton.

West New Brighton can also boast about its diversity in race and ethnicity, which is greater than other areas on Staten Island.  One reason for this may be because it was home to the ferry terminal that made it possible to travel between Manhattan and Staten Island, prompting many immigrants to settle in West New Brighton. 

Today, West New Brighton is a vibrant community with an eclectic mix of residences, including high-rise apartments right next door to mansions.


It was once home to Grasmere Park which was destroyed by a fire in the 1940s.  Today, Grasmere Park is a part of Historic Richmond Town and its famous cemeteries, including Staten Island’s only Jewish burial ground.

West New Brighton was home to a large population of Italians, who immigrated here from southern Italy during the late 1910s-1930s.  These Italians were instrumental in creating the most famous part of West New Brighton, however-the annual Feast of Madonna Del Soccorso. It is held in West New Brighton every year on the 2nd weekend after Labor Day. The feast involves elaborate costumes, Italian food, dancing and parades.

West New Brighton has been home to many prominent Staten Islanders over the years.  One such resident was Richard Croker, a labor leader in New York who was elected head of Tammany Hall.

Notable Places

The Staten Island Lighthouse can still be found standing tall in the middle of the West New Brighton Historic District.  This lighthouse has been saving ships since 1858, and has become a major landmark in Staten Island.

West New Brighton is home to the historic Pouch Boy building which was constructed by Evan Pouch who immigrated to America from England in 1790.


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