Junk Removal in Travis, Staten Island, NY

Travis is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and is on the east coast of the North Atlantic sea. This neighborhood is perhaps best known for its proximity to Vanderbilt Beach. Also, Travis contains a large amount of forestland and Travis Park, which many residents visit during the summer months for recreation purposes.

Travis contains a large amount of Italian American culture. This is due to the fact that Italians were among the earliest residents of this neighborhood. The most famous Italian American Travis resident was Joe Petrosino, who was one of New York’s finest police officers until his death in 1909.

Also, Travis is known for having a large Irish-American population as well. Many of these Irish immigrants came to America because of the Irish Potato Famine.


Travis’s history dates back to 1898 when a Staten Island businessman named Merrit H. Carmalt bought a large portion of the island that is today known as Travis. Carmalt then began building roads and houses for his own personal use on this property. However, others soon found out about this area and began to purchase their own plots of land in order to build homes for themselves. Eventually, the new neighborhood became known as Travis.

Travis is home to some of New York City’s most impressive architecture. Many prominent architects designed buildings in this area due to its close proximity to Vanderbilt Beach where wealthy people would visit. For example, one of the first homes built on Rosecliff Road was owned by Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt. Also, many of the buildings designed by Pellegrino Turso were built in this neighborhood.

Notable Places

In addition to being home to some impressive architecture, Travis is also home to several important landmarks. The most well-known landmark would have to be the Church of St. Joachim and St. Anne, which was built in 1930 and is a Roman Catholic church. Also, the Alhambra Theatre is a historic landmark for its unique “Spanish Baroque” architecture.

The Travis neighborhood holds many significant events every year. For example, each year the streets of Rosecliff Road are closed off to hold an annual block party complete with food and music. Also, during the summer months, there is free outdoor entertainment at Travis Park.

Notable Residents

Some of the most prominent residents to live in Travis were Bob Hope, George Burns, Joan Crawford, and Milton Berle. Also, many well-known families such as the Astors and Vanderbilts resided in Travis.

Even today, there are many well-known people who live in or near this Staten Island neighborhood. For example, notable current residents include Steve Kroft and Kasie Hunt of 60 Minutes and John Fugelsang of TakePart Live.


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