Junk Removal in Great Kills, Staten Island, NY

Great Kills is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY., and is the most southern part of the New York City borough. The population is around 29,512 people.

Great Kills Harbor is the primary body of water in Great Kills, NY. It is located on Staten Island’s South Shore and is separated from Newark Bay by the peninsula containing Crescent Beach State Park. A small residential community has been built upon the peninsula. It is often used as a harbor by those seeking to avoid heavy tolls at bridges and tunnels to the island.

The neighborhood’s name is written on top of the entrance sign that welcomes people into the area.

It also has a significant amount of community organizations such as the Great Kills Little League and Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club. The latter was established in 1993 and is designed to provide children with after-school activities that will help them develop academic and leadership skills, in addition to building self-confidence.


It is situated on land that was known as the Great Kill by the Dutch settlers to this region in medieval times. The Dutch word “killer” means stream or channel; thus, the literal translation of Great Kills would be “large stream”.

Historically, Staten Island was home to the Lenape Indians. In 1884, Native American artifacts were found in Great Kills Harbor on land where SITRA (Staten Island’s Trust for Historic Preservation) is now located.

The land comprising modern-day Great Kills had been owned by several different people during the 17th and 18th centuries before being purchased by Charles Spicer in 1709.

The neighborhood was established in 1860 and was originally named Richmond, but its name was changed by the United States Postal Service to avoid confusion with the borough of Richmond. The letter designation Great Kills is still used today.

Notable Places

Great Kills Harbor was offered to the state in 1919 by Charles Pilsbury, who was a real estate developer and part-time fisherman. His original offer was to build a breakwater around the harbor, but he finally fulfilled his dream of building a fishing pier for all to enjoy.

Great Kills Harbor is now a public park and recreation area, maintained by the South Shore Commission. It’s offered for many things such as fishing, kayaking, boating & sailing. There are also bike and running trails along the shoreline and there is a beach open during the summer months. There is an annual celebration called the Great Kills Swim Run.

It also has a large area that is privately owned. The Great Kills Swim Club was founded in the early 1920s, and it has been a significant part of the community since then.

In addition to being a place for recreation, this neighborhood also has multiple churches within its vicinity such as St. Charles R.C. Church and Mt. Olive Baptist Church.


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