Junk Removal in Graniteville, Staten Island, NY

Graniteville is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY. It is bordered on the north by New Dorp, on the south by Charleston, on the west by Pleasant Plains, and on the east by Bloomfield.

Graniteville is composed of small homes and commercial shops. Today many of the small homes are being replaced with larger 2 family dwellings.

Graniteville is famous for the Graniteville Quarry, which supplied the granite used in many of New York’s prominent buildings.

One of Graniteville’s most notable features is its main street, Forest Avenue. Today the avenue is filled with small businesses ranging from groceries to salons.

Graniteville is home to many immigrants who have come to Staten Island in search of a new life. Many of the stores on Forest Ave have signs that are printed in both English and another language such as Spanish, Chinese, or Italian.


Graniteville was named for a quarry that operated there in 1844. Graniteville Quarry is located in the center of Graniteville along the north end of Forest Ave. It was once a thriving quarry but today it has been abandoned and only serves as a landmark for this small community.

The area grew rapidly after 1851 with the opening of a Staten Island Railway station at New Dorp. By 1871 Graniteville had a post office under the name of New Dorp, but by the early 1900s, the name was changed to Graniteville.

Historically, the neighborhood was primarily white. Many families emigrated to Graniteville from Italy between 1895 and 1920.


It has one public school, PS 60 (Robert L. Goldberg School). In 1869 a Quaker school was established in Graniteville, but it closed during the early 1900s.

Notable Places

There are two churches in Graniteville: St. Stephens R.C. Church and the New Dorp Moravian Church (United Congregation of the Moravian Church).

Other landmarks include Broadway Shopping Center, the only shopping center located in Graniteville. Broadway Shopping Center was opened on October 16, 1946, and is still open today.

The area also has several parks with one of them being Cedar Grove Park which includes a pond and walking trails.

Forest Avenue, which runs through Graniteville’s heart, provides access to all of Staten Island.

The St. Joseph’s Home for the Aged is located in Graniteville, as is the Christian Health Care Center, a psychiatric hospital.

Notable Residents

Former President of the United States, Chester A. Arthur, lived in Graniteville during his presidency. Also, Billy Martin, the famous Baseball player, and manager lived in Graniteville before his death.



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