Junk Removal in Tompkinsville, Staten Island, NY

Tompkinsville is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, the name Tompkinsville is derived from Peter Tompkins, who was a famous landowner in the area during the 19th century. The village of Tompkinsville was settled in the 1830s, and it is located along the northern coastline of Staten Island.

Tompkinsville is known for its historic neighborhood and its early settlement. It was once a rural area, but it has experienced major changes over time.


Tompkinsville is a neighborhood atop a hill in Staten Island, NY. During the War of 1812, Tompkinsville was used as an encampment for soldiers from Ft. Richmond and later on Ft. Wadsworth. In 1840, Peter Tompkins had bought several acres of land in this area which named it after him. Later on, a village was built here and it became a major commercial hub for freight, coal, and people. The first railroad line in Staten Island was also constructed here which runs from Stapleton to Tompkinsville.

Today, Tompkinsville has several churches, restaurants, and shops. In the area around Vanderbilt Ave., the population is 95% white, and the rest 5% composed of Hispanic/Latino and African-American. The Tompkinsville area includes a NY Ferry service which was established in 2017 by New York Waterway. This ferry is called the “Staten Island Ferry” and it runs from St. George Ferry Terminal to South Ferry in Manhattan.

Today, Tompkinsville is known for hosting many small businesses and quaint boutiques.

Notable Places

Fred’s is one of the most popular restaurants in the area. It is known for its seafood and burgers, while also catering to many vegetarian patrons with several non-meat dishes on its menu.

If you’re interested in catching a movie or play, The St. George Theatre hosts Broadway shows, concerts, and movies.

Tompkinsville is home to a small park, also known as Tompkinsville Park. This park is a memorial for the USS Maine Memorial and it’s dedicated to all those who died in the 1898 explosion of the US Navy warship, “USS Maine” in Havana Harbor.

The neighborhood has always been a commercial hub for the people living on Staten Island. There are many small boutiques and stores selling different items, ranging from books to food. Many local businesses call Tompkinsville their home, including three pharmacies.

Notable Residents

Notable residents of Tompkinsville include Danny Elfman, the Composer of film scores for “Batman” and “Spider-Man 4.” He was born in Tompkinsville. Also, famous writer Herman Melville called Tompkinsville home.


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