Junk Removal in Randall Manor, Staten Island, NY 

Randall Manor is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and is one of the older neighborhoods in Staten Island. Randall Manor is surrounded by the neighborhoods Arrochar, New Springville, and Eltingville on each side.

Randall Manor is famous for having a lot of small mom-and-pop shops, as well as many Italian restaurants. Some of Randall Manor’s more famous restaurants are Angelo’s Pizza, Big Al’s Pizzeria, and Heritage Pizza.

Randall Manor is also known for its abundance of trees and flowers, which can be seen in many of the homes that reside there. Also, similar to many other Staten Island neighborhoods; Randall Manor has a train station (the Eltingville railroad station) that can take you directly into lower Manhattan, and it is a short drive to the Staten Island Mall.


The community was first settled by Quakers who named it after William Bradford’s hometown of Bradford, Massachusetts. Development began during the 1920s along Richmond Road between Wall Street and Main Street. The community is located in the North-Eastern section of Staten Island, and its boundaries are Clove Road to the North, Richmond Valley to the South, Forest Avenue to the East, and Woodrow Road to the West.

The most common type of home in Randall Manor is a house or bungalow that was built during the 1920s.

Historically, Randall Manor was an inexpensive area to live in. In the late 1970s and 1980s, a large number of professionals began moving into the community, causing property values to increase.


The neighborhood is served by the New York City Department of Education. Randall Manor has one elementary school, PS36 or I.S. 7 for middle school students and Wagner College High School for high school students.

Notable Places

Students who live in the neighborhood are served by Wagner College Athletic fields. These fields are used for many different things, including intramural sports. The fields have a capacity of 1,000 people per game.

Slope Street Park is located on Slope Street in Randall Manor and is a popular spot for people who live in the neighborhood. The park was created by a landfill that joined the Staten Island Greenbelt.

The park has a capacity of 200 people per game and can be used for basketball, bocce ball, tennis, softball, and soccer games.

In 2015, Slope Street Park was named the “Best Place to Play” by Staten Island Live, an online news site.

Randall Manor also has Henry Hudson Trail which is leading to the Conference House. The trail has beautiful views of the water and Staten Island.


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