Junk Removal in Port Ivory, Staten Island, NY 

Port Ivory is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and is near the Waterfront. It is located on the North Shore and is bordered by Port Richmond and Elm Park to the West and East respectively, and New Springville to the North.

A residential community with a small center of commercial activity at its center, Port Ivory has an FDNY Firehouse as well as a Post Office. The roads that run through Port Ivory are fairly residential, with a few side roads that contain commercial establishments. Narrow rows of houses line the streets, often directly across from almost identical sets of homes.

Port Ivory is popularly known for its close proximity to beautiful natural landscapes such as the Arthur Kill Waterfront, and Wolfe’s Pond Park.

Most residents of the Port Ivory area are of Italian-American descent, and some can be seen participating in community activities such as block parties.


The area around New York Avenue contains many vacant lots due to fires in the past few years, leaving large swaths of empty fields throughout Port Ivory. As recently as 2011, there was a major fire along with significant flooding which damaged most of the homes on this street.

The community has been in decline since the 1970s when many families left for greener pastures such as New Jersey and Staten Island’s South Shore. The closure of three local institutions: Drumgoole High School, the Staten Island Home for Children, and the Seaview Hospital of Staten Island Mental Health Center accelerated the decline. This left several buildings abandoned in its wake.

Historically, Port Ivory was formerly known as Vanderburg, or Vanderburgh, depending on what official document you look at. It was renamed “Port Ivory” in the early 20th century to reflect the large shipping industry that operated there.

Notable Places

Today there is a small community center across from Tappen Park on Butler Avenue, but it is closed most of the time. The only “place of interest” in this area would be Tappen Park on Butler Avenue, which is a common area for the community to gather. There is also a school named after Staten Island’s first Commissioner of Education, Howard J. Tappen on Howard Avenue.

Another landmark in Port Ivory is the Church of the Most Precious Blood, which is on New York Avenue. This church was established in 1897 and the current building dates back to the late 1920s.

Notable Residents

Port Ivory is home to a number of notable residents including Andy Lau, Natalie Imbruglia, and the late Burt Young.


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