Junk Removal in Huguenot, Staten Island, NY

Huguenot is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and is now mostly residential. The main road in town is Hook Road, which runs north-south through the neighborhood. It contains both residential homes and businesses. The main business street in Huguenot is Victory Boulevard, which stretches the length of the neighborhood while also cutting through it.

Huguenot has a population of around 61,392. Most residents are upper-middle-class to middle-upper-class white-collar workers.  

The neighborhood is dominated by single-family homes. Huguenot was initially built up in the 1920s and ’30s with private two-family homes on 25×100 foot lots, but in recent years, these buildings have been converted into multi-family homes.

Now, Huguenot’s housing stock is a mixture of detached one-family houses, semi-attached one-story houses, and larger multi-unit apartment buildings.

The most common ethnic groups are Italians and Irish. Huguenot also has a high population of Lebanese Americans. In the past century, many waves of immigrants have come to the neighborhood, making it one of the most ethnically diverse neighborhoods in Staten Island.


It was originally called “Bloomingview“, and then “Hookstown” before becoming Huguenot. This name change was in the year 1885 and is named after the French Protestants, or Huguenots, that came to Staten Island in 1661.

Though there are few businesses left in the community, it has seen considerable growth since 1998 when beautification projects were created to give it a more appealing look. They have made changes such as, improved streetscapes, new traffic signals, and adding various flowers and trees.

Notable Places

Huguenot Park is located on Andrew Avenue and Shore Road. This park contains a playground, basketball courts, beach volleyball courts, and more. There are also two gazebos in the park and a terrace which provides a great view of the beach and the New York Harbor.

David Fubini Playground (Crescent Beach) is located on Huguenot Avenue between Loudon and Richmond Avenues. This playground contains a sprinklers area, swings, slides, a jungle gym, and more. In addition to this park being a great place for children, it is also part of the Staten Island Bluebelt.

The Penn South Co-op is located on Bay Street between Victory Boulevard and Tompkins Avenue. This building contains 350 units that are made up of studio, one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. It was built in 1968 by The New York City Housing Authority.

Other places of interest in Huguenot, Staten Island, NY include Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC), North Avenue Recreation Center, New York Public Library Huguenot Children’s Library Branch, Staten Island Advance Headquarters, and Huguenot Memorial Library.


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