Junk Removal in Emerson Hill, Staten Island, NY

Emerson Hill is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and is a popular destination for hiking and birding. The highest point in the neighborhood is a park on a hilltop with a panoramic view of New York Harbor, New Jersey, and Long Island. It was known to native people as Chibenakika meaning “Through the Oak“. The town is about 10 miles away from Staten Island’s largest city, New York City.

The neighborhood is divided into two subsections, one being “up” Emerson Hill and the other being “down” Emerson Hill. The neighborhoods are separated by Clove Road which intersects with Bradley Avenue just above the neighborhood of Sunnyside. The names were given by early developers who used the system that was popular at the time: “up” or North and “down” or South, based on their position relative to Bradley Avenue.

There used to be a lot of farms located in Emerson Hill, but after the opening of the Verrazano Bridge and the surrounding municipalities becoming more urbanized and suburbanized, many farmers converted their land into housing developments and sold off their lands for large profits. The majority of Emerson Hill is still undeveloped and consists mostly of wooded areas.


In 1655, Captain Christopher Billopp landed at this location. He was the first person to successfully swim across the current lower Hudson River at New York Harbor.

Due to its location and strategic views of the harbor and New York City skyline, Emerson Hill was a place of military interest during World War I and World War II. A large concrete observation tower was built at the highest point of the hill during World War I, to provide a base for anti-aircraft guns. That tower is no longer standing; however, some of its foundations remain as well as the sewerage system that was installed around it (no longer in use).

A new observation tower was built on the hill during World War II and remains as a part of a communication station for law enforcement.

Historically, a water tower was a landmark in the area and remains as a part of the communication station on the hill.

In 1999, Emerson Hill underwent an extensive clean-up effort when Hurricane Floyd dropped torrential rain on New York, setting watershed records for rainfall levels in the region.

Notable Places

Famous landmarks of Emerson Hills include the U.S. Coast Guard Radio Towers and the Staten Island Borough President’s Communications Tower.

The radio towers are located at the highest point of Emerson Hill and were used to communicate with ships in New York Harbor during World War II and were unmanned after that time. The towers serve as a backup communication system for law enforcement personnel on Staten Island should their primary communication system fail.


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