Junk Removal in Bulls Head, Staten Island, NY

Bulls Head is a neighborhood in Staten Island, NY, and is one of Staten Island’s oldest communities. It is generally defined by the triangle formed by Victory Boulevard, Richmond Avenue, and Brook Street, although Brookville is considered to be part of Bulls Head.

The area also still has some of its original Victorian homes. One such example of this is the now-defunct Van Duzer Castle (built in 1847 by Garret Storm), which was demolished in October 2013 after years of neglect.

Today, Bulls Head is home to many small businesses, although the Triangle has been claimed by larger retailers such as Target and Staples, who have opened stores there.


The area was originally called Bowens Corners after an early settler in the area named John Bowen (whose house still stands today on Rector Place).

The area was then changed to Bulls Head after a prominent tavern that resided on the triangle. In 1909, a trolley line was extended from Eltingville into Bulls Head, which made the area more accessible and created an explosion of development in the area. Many wealthy families built summer homes in Bulls Head for this reason. Prominent New Yorkers such as Babe Ruth were even known to visit the area during this time.


These days, Bulls Head is a more middle-class neighborhood with many Italian and Jewish families.

Bulls Head is home to famous personalities such as Amy Fisher, who shot and wounded Mary Jo Buttafuoco in 1992.

Notable Places

The ‘Uncle Tony’ Russo Community Center is located at 400 Satterlee Street (formerly known as 400 Brook Street) inside of a historic building that was built in 1909.

Since 1995, the Russo Center has been a popular location for Staten Island’s middle school students for day trips and after-school activities. The facility is named in honor of local hero Anthony Russo, who saved many lives during the September 11 terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers.

The lighthouse was constructed to aid ships in the port of New York to prepare for incoming traffic. It is lit by a 350mm lens that is rotated by two weights inside the tower. The ‘weight-driven’ mechanism that operates the light can be viewed through the glass in the door when the light is not in operation. It was deactivated when it became obsolete when Staten Island shipping traffic became less dense.

Today, the lighthouse is lived in by a family and serves as a private residence.

In 2012, a new shopping center called “Urby“, opened on the corner of Richmond Avenue and Victory Boulevard. The area was rezoned for higher density in order to accommodate this project.

The development includes a supermarket, a movie theater, and a multi-story apartment building with retail space on the ground floor.


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